The AXIS Dynamometer by Dobeck Performance combines a number of patented technologies to simulate actual road conditions. Their Direct Torque Measurement enhances repeatability and accuracy. Air Turbines create aerodynamic drag proportional to the vehicle’s speed while the optional Air Drag Trimmer allows the operator to trim out an additional 25-percent load for special effects such as drafting. Variable Inertia is achieved by stacking or removing inertia discs allowing to accurately match vehicle weight. Their specially coated drums deliver incompromised traction, simulating real life conditions. Cooling Velocity provided by turbines is proportioned to the vehicle’s simulated speed. All these features work together to meet one goal: replicate load, drag and gravity to quickly and accurately diagnose all operating aspects of a vehicle while adjusting to the finest decimal. And while the AXIS may not be in the average home mechanic’s budget (three models are available starting at $13,500), it’s an investment every shop should consider.

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