Roman Keane is a recently-retired Master Sergeant serving with the 75thRanger Regiment. After 23 years and three combat tours, he is eager to relax and see America aboard his Road King. But no sooner does he hit the road than he is honor bound to rescue a woman being kidnapped, leaving destruction for her captors. Such is the premise for the Road King Chronicles: Blue Ridge Run written by Harry Harrigan and published in 2015. Harrigan’s sequel, The Road King Chronicles: Second Hand Snake, came out earlier this year. Each is a stand-alone book featuring the fictional Roman Keane. The second book catches up with Keane after four months on the road exploring America when old friends approach him for help delivering a collection of vintage motorcycles. Of course, serious trouble ensues and is dealt with harshly. Both books come in paperback for $13.98 each from Amazon who also carries the Kindle version. Contact Apple for an iBook format.

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