Fort Worth, TX., Aug. 29—Twin Power continues to add to their growing line of aftermarket parts and accessories for V-Twin motorcycles. The newest addition is the Tension Reliever Manual Primary Chain Adjuster, designed to eliminate previous issues with keeping the primary chain at the right tension.

“An overtightened primary chain is known to cause premature failure of the engine, transmission and primary bearing as well as to cause other complications,” says James Simonelli, Brand Manager for Twin Power. “This problem plagues 2006 Dyna as well as 2007 and later Harley Davidson Big Twin models. These motorcycles came equipped with an automatic, ratcheting primary chain tensioner, which is the culprit.”


Twin Power has developed a solution, which keeps the problem of overtightening from occurring. It replaces the stock factory adjuster, allowing a proper primary chain adjustment of 5/8–7/8 inches of free play when cold. It is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and is hard anodized for durability. It also features a 4140 steel adjusting screw and heavy-duty nylon 6/6 shoe. 100 percent made in USA and easy-to-adjust, it uses stock mounting hardware. The chain adjustment and tension check will require the removal of the outer primary cover. Please note, the Twin Power Tension Reliever Manual Primary Chin Adjuster for use with a 34 tooth sprocket only.

“Our new adjuster will help riders keep their primary chain at the right tension without the frustration they may have experienced in the past with the factory adjuster. This will surely add longevity to the machine and provide them with peace of mind,” says Simonelli.

The Twin Power Tension Reliever Manual Primary Chain Adjuster can be ordered through your local Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice dealer.


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