Using an embedded microphone, UClear has developed the world’s first motorcycle communication system without a boom with their HBC200 Force. Additionally, the company’s Multi-Hop Technology allows riders to piggyback between units increasing the connection range up to a .4-mile range. Linking 10 riders in a group creates a full-duplex intercom and extends the range to nearly four miles, allowing for non-line-of-sight connections. Plus the latest Bluetooth technology offers the capability to make and take cell phone calls and listen to music (voice-activated pickup allows hands-free operation). Noise suppression and patented ABF technologies aid in eliminating road, engine and ambient noise. These little beauties are easy to install and sell for $249.99 each while the bargain price of $449.99 will purchase you a dual pack.


UClear HBC200 Force
UClear HBC200 Force



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